People subject to disclosure

The people about whom a disclosure has been made are entitled to a fair procedure. During the investigation we conduct, we contact them to give them the opportunity to give their version of the events. See the Handling of disclosures section for information about the investigative procedure for disclosures.

When the investigation is completed, we report our conclusions to the highest ranking administrative official within the public body concerned, or, if the circumstances warrant it, to the minister responsible for the public body. Where applicable, we make recommendations.

If we feel that the follow-up to our recommendations is unsatisfactory, we notify the minister responsible for the public body concerned. We may also report the situation in our annual report or in a special report tabled in the National Assembly.

Yes. The mechanism for access to legal advice managed by the Québec Ombudsman consists of financial assistance used to reimburse the requester’s legal counsel costs. This assistance may be provided to anyone who cooperates in an audit or investigation conducted further to disclosure, including the person subject to the disclosure.

To find out whether you qualify for assistance, you must request it from the Québec Ombudsman. We will then determine whether your situation warrants financial assistance.

As a general rule, when a request is admissible, the Québec Ombudsman authorizes assistance for three hours of legal counsel.

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